The solar eclipse, as seen by Sequencer readers

Solar eclipse watchers sitting in chairs on a rocky shore next to a lighthouse
L. Rafferty, Scituate Lighthouse, Scituate, MA

Earlier this week we asked our readers to share with us their photos of Monday's solar eclipse. What each person saw during the eclipse – in their backyard, in the park, several time zones away from home squatting in a cemetery – was shaped by our lives, as all art, science, and law is filtered through the eyes of our experiences. Each photo is a different scene, a different way of seeing the universe. Thanks again to all of you (so many!) who sent us their photos. And thanks most of all to Sunny.

The solar eclipse seen as a small black dot against an orange-yellow halo
Clay, Bloomington, IN
The solar eclipse seen in the shadow made by a colander.
Catherine Krebs, Harpers Ferry, WV

Ali Alkhatib, Toledo, OH

The solar eclipse seen through tree branches and a break in the clouds
Catherine Krebs, Harpers Ferry, WV
Eclipse watchers in a football stadium pointing their phone cameras skyward
Anna Funk, Saluki Stadium, Carbondale, IL
The solar eclipse seen as a distant ring against an all black background
Ash Ponders, central Indiana
Solar eclipse viewing party in a park
Brian Chiglinsky, Columbus, OH
The "diamond ring" of the solar eclipse, a flare of light seen at the bottom right corner
Sumeet Kulkarni, Heber Springs, AR
A photographer taking a picture of the solar eclipse pointing a camera directly up
Ash Ponders, central Indiana
The horizon-wide sunset of the solar eclipse seen from a park
Brian Chiglinsky, Columbus, OH
A dog wearing eclipse glasses, leaning out a car window, looking up
Grace Chuang and Sunny, Austin, TX

Thanks again to all Sequencer readers for your support. See you soon.