Send us your eclipse photos!

Show! Us! The! Eclipse!

The sun colored red-orange, partially eclipsed.
One I took with eclipse glasses pressed against my phone

Hi all! This is Dan. I hope you all had as much fun as I did on International Eclipse Day.

Things seen and unseen at the solar eclipse, 2024
Strange darkness, confused birds, and the varieties of scientific experience.

The best part of the day for me (besides the eclipsing) was the sheer joy of the day. Everyone everywhere was shot through with excitement.

To that end, show us how your day went! If you have photos of the eclipse, please send them to us. No matter where you were, or how much percentage totality you saw, or how goofy the images are, share! We'll post them with credit and captions. Please include your preferred name and the location you were in! You can email us at

Thanks for reading! More soon.



A blurry image of the beginning of the solar eclipse.
Outside Oy Vey! Deli in Terre Haute