A brief list of things I hope will happen during the 2024 solar eclipse

Keeping my fingers crossed!!

A time lapse photo of a solar eclipse
Photo by Abed Ismail / Unsplash
  1. Gravity turns off for like 10 seconds. 
  2. The heavens will open and the Archangel Michael will collide with me like a heat-seeking missile. 
  3. Carl Sagan does a worldwide voiceover narrating the eclipse that everyone can hear inside their hands, in their native language.
  4. The moon is finally revealed to be made of cheese, as it melts. 
  5. I’ll get hit by a bus.
  6. The nuclear strong force and the weak force will trade places, just to see if anyone notices.
  7. At the last second another smaller star eclipses the moon as the moon is eclipsing the sun, nullifying totality and making it a normal day.